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Lollies,and Tim Tams,and Drop Bears! Oh My!

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

I have been here a little over 11 weeks now, and after numerous occasions of being confused with the new Australian terminology and sayings, I finally think I may have it down…hopefully. So, I have listed below some of the many new words/phrases I have learned (& have been attempting to incorporate into my vocabulary).

Arvo- Afternoon

Aussie- (pronounced Ozzie) Australian

Bloke- Man

Brekkie- Breakfast

Blind- Very intoxicated

Bush- Outside the city

Cabbie- Taxi Driver

Chewy- Chewing gum

“Couldn’t be bothered”- Had no time, energy, or interest to do something/ complete a task.

Ex. I was going to clean my room, but I just couldn’t be bothered.

Doona- Quilt, Duvet

Drop Bear- Mythical aggressive bears that jump down from trees and attack people. This myth is told by Aussie’s playing jokes on unknowing foreigners to scare them. **If you are gullible like myself, you will discover this to be a joke only after weeks of being hesitant to walk by trees late at night.

Fanny- CAUTION when using, NOT to mistaken for one’s backside, it is actually quite the contrary.

Footy- Australian Rules Football

Fortnight- Two week period

Full On- Intense, relentless

“G’Day”- Hello

“Good Onya”- Good for you

Heaps- Lots, Many (One of my favorite)

“How you going?”- How are you doing today?

Jocks- Men’s underpants

Kiwi- Someone from New Zealand, or an endemic Australian bird

Loo- Toilet, Bathroom

Lolly- Candy

Maccas- McDonalds

Mate- Friend, or associate

Note- Currency that is not in coin form

“No Worries”- (Another favorite of mine) Your Welcome, No Problem, It’s okay, etc. A phrase with endless possibilities.

Oz- Australia

Prawn(s)- Shrimp

Pudding- Cake

“Reckon”-  I think that

Ex. I reckon it will rain today.

Rock up- To turn up, to arrive

Seppo- American

Slab- Carton of 24 beers

Sticky Date Pudding- One of the best desserts ever created, consisting of cake, caramel sauce, and dates.

“Ta”- Thanks

Tim Tams- Delicious cookies explaining why there are no Girl Scouts in Australia.

Toilet- Bathroom

Uni- Short for University

Ute- Small utility truck, looks like a pick up truck that has been lowered

Vegemite- A dark brown Australian spread made from yeast extract. **Also, another opportunity for Australians to mess with foreigners, usually by having them smear a thick layer of vegemite on toast and “try” it, which is NEVER recommended.

Victoria Bitter- Beer

Wanker- An insult, directed toward rude or egotistical people

XXXX- Queensland’s Favorite Beer

Yank- American

“Yer”- Yeah

Z- Pronounced “Zed” not “Zee”

Want to go to Prom?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012



When my friends asked me to go to the  prom-I couldn’t refuse. It wasn’t what I had expected, and was absolutely NOTHING like prom back home. No, there were no dresses or corsages, this was Wilsons Promontory, known by locals as ” the prom”. Wilsons Promontory is located in Gippsland, and is the most southern point on the Australian main land. The prom is beautiful, boasting several amazing beaches, and a lush green landscape. Not only is the scenery breath-taking, but Wilsons Prom is also home to a diverse range of Australian wildlife.  It was truly an amazing time, and nothing like the proms I’ve been to before- it was  better!

In the rocks